Friday, January 26, 2007

Now I have the Pics on my puter...let's see if I can post them

This is the lace shawl I have started. I am really enjoying it, although it is definitely a challenge. For the most part I have to work on it only when the house is quiet, and there is nothing else going on to distract me. One day hopefully I will get a bit better at the lace knitting thing.

This is Dad's Sock. Actually it is his Christmas Sock. I went with the measurements of his foot and used the guide in the sock book. So this weekend when they come by here I will have him try it on. I may even be much closer to done with it by then.

These are Mom's Christmas Socks. I know hers fit, as I was able to give her the completed one at Christmas with the promise of the pair being completed before she left here this weekend. No pressure there. I really liked doing these socks. They are a great pattern and I plan to make a pair for myself as well.

Now that I know I can post pics I will take a new and improved pic of my Einstein Coat from Sally Melville's The Knitting Experience Book One - The Knit Stitch. I have just started working the front right side of it in the complimentary color that I chose. I am getting more excited about it the more I work on it. I hope the cold weather holds out until I finish it so that I can wear it a bit. Just don't let my DH hear that.

Will post my updated pics as soon as I have them.
Have a Great weekend!!!


Rachael said...

Yea pix!!!! I must leave for the doctor in two minutes, so not much time, but aren't you a clever girl! You shawl and your socks look great. are you using the same lace pattern for your Mom's socks as you use for the little pink socks? I like the yarn you chose for yous Dad very manly. Hugs.

Viv said...

Love the yarn you chose for your Mom's socks, very pretty - is it as squishy as it looks?
And: welcome to the world of lace knitting! Needless to say, the shawl will be totally and utterly stunning once it's finished, so hang in there - it's *so* worth it!

Hugs from Hamburg,