Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I did it!!

Yes I did. I took pictures of my knitting... now I just have to wait until DH comes home from work, to a) find the cord that connects the camera to the computer, and b) show me how to make them go from the camera to the computer. Once they are here on my computer then I think I remember how to make them show up here on my blog.

I am officially 3days behind on the Einstein Coat knitting that needs to be caught up by class at 5:30 on Thurs evening. At that time we will learn how to do the button holes and then start knitting the top section (or so I think). I have decided that I love the colors I have chosen, I just hope the coat (which is considered to be "an oversized" pattern) won't be so over-sized that it looks bad. Although the good thing about wool is, I can always shrink it, but you can't make it bigger.

When taking the pic of Dad's Christmas sock - I must admit it looks strangely out of proportion (I just keep telling myself that Dad really does have wide feet). Mom's 2nd sock is almost done. Maybe with a little luck she will be able to take hers home with her. They arrive Sunday afternoon on their way home from Myrtle Beach. We are the stop-over point between Myrtle Beach SC and Conyngham PA.

It is offical...we have hit the retail wall of after holiday non-shopping season. Which translates into payroll cuts and therefore cuts in hours. Which I have been looking forward to since about the beginning of Sept. Unfortunately with things not have been settled in court with the Wench we are still shelling out huge amounts of $$ and the new hot water hearter fiasco (which has also not only set us back lots of $, but has forced us to move out of our bedroom into the guest room because of the noise) I can't really afford to be out of work. So I am definitely hoping that my corporate intiative with the Coldwater Creek higher ups will come to fruition and I will have some more work heading my way. It would also entail some traveling which would most certainly not break my heart in the least.

Anyway... I will try to post the pictures as soon as possible (with a bit of help from DH)

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