Wednesday, January 17, 2007

It is back completely

Hey Everyone, my voice is completely mine again!!!! Yahooooooo. As of yesterday it returned sans raspy-s, squeaky-s, or any other strange sound that could come from ones vocal chords. This also means I finally feel like I am back to the business of getting on with my plans for the new year.

So with that said, I have been knitting madly on my Einstein coat (although right now it just looks like a very thick wooly table runner). As of right now I am 1 and 2/3 days behind. So if I take the chance today (unexpected day off) to catch up that will be good. The thought of maybe even getting ahead by one day is a good thing.

The socks are coming along, but a little slower due to Einstein. Last night I decided I wanted to try to do a bit of my shawl (especially since my next one just arrived via the post yesterday), boy was that a mistake. I was obviously not in the place that I thought I was. I must admit though, that due to a bit of an emotional shake up by a friend - maybe last night was not the ideal time to launch into the one project I have going that requires absolute attention.

As for my attempts at decluttering...they are showing up in little bits here and there. Several (ok lots of) bits of paper from my desk. Little chatchkies that are just sitting about and a few bits of clothing are actually making it to the trash. My sock yarn stash has a promise of relief from my knitting group - who is very excited at the opportunity to poke through and pick some lovely skeins for a very reasonable price. Especially since I have not yet mastered getting pic from DH camera onto my computer, it makes selling things tougher.

Well today the only thing I have going is an eye doctor appt - to which I must get ready to go to.

Have a wonderfully peaceful day everyone!


Viv said...

Huzzah, I can comment! YAY!!
Can't wait to see your WIPs (hint, hint)

Hugs from Hamburg,


Rachael said...

Hi Sweet Pea,
Isn't my swift great!! So sweet of my Mom. I was "toadaly" surprised. I thank you though for all of the ebay swift bits you sent- I did bid on quite a few of them. How is your shawl coming along?
I haven't really used the sock blockers to block the socks- just to make nicer photos. LOL