Thursday, January 04, 2007

Rocky Start

This has definitely been a rocky start to a new year of fun and excitement. While I managed to kick the stomach virus that took me down the 27th-30th (with a 7lb wt loss that I have maintained I might add) - throat monster stepped up to the plate and took over by the 31st and has been in full swing for 3 days now. The bummer is I really can't afford to take any more time off work (both because we are quite busy and because of $$).

The good things are I am about 2/3 done with Dad's first sock. These fellows with big feet definitely make sock knitting a challenge in keeping it exciting. Especially since they don't really seem to be into have cute and interesting little patterns in their socks - go figure. Plus I am also re-attacking Mom's second sock. Had to do some major un-knitting since I made so many mistakes that I just couldn't fix them anymore and still have a decent looking sock. As for my shawl, I have not done anything on it lately but am hoping to get it back into the rotation of daily activities (4 rows each day). We shall see. Then there is the Einstein Coat I am to start next Thursday. The nice thing about that is, it is just knitting. Means I can do it when I am doing other things (like chatting, watching tele, and so on)

Well, here is to keeping to plans made and do the work to keep those nasty little pounds from creeping back on - infact here's to doing the work to make even more of them go away for good!!!

Hope everyone is well and do what they like to do most.

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