Friday, January 26, 2007

Goal Accomplished!

Although the goal of having pictures on my blog has not yet been accomplished because said DH has finally replaced his long gone (since June) laptop, he is quite busy creating that tight bond between laptop and user. Hence, hopefully this weekend - basically at my request (read demand) - I am to be taught where he keeps the camera cords and such, as well as how to put pic 'I' want on 'my' computer.

I DID finish my class portion of my Einstein coat in time. Just in time... class was at 1730, I put my needles down at 1715 and packed it all into the bag. Although I did manage to get ALL the laundry (8 loads) done (but not folded - just neatly laid across the washer and the dryer), the poor kitchen was literally a disaster area. I even heard Rick ever so quietly suck in his breath as he walked in and saw it. I promptly told him don't worry about it, I will deal with it when I get back from class.

Having now started the second color on the coat I am quite the envy of my class mates as they love my color selections. I am getting more excited about it. I have even decided that I am going to use the darker of the 2 colors for the bottom 4-5 inches of the sleeves to create a cuff look.

The real issue is, I must put the coat aside for just a few days and try to finish my parents Christmas socks. I am almost there with Mom's, but Dad's is a bit farther away. Maybe this afternoon after work.

On the not so pleasant front...DH contacted a lawyer in AZ about our issue with the VA courts and the wench and so on....she does not think AZ will want to touch it because both parties live in VA and the laws in AZ are totally different. The kicker is she is beau coup expensive. That could have something to do with she is licensed to practice law in AZ, Washington DC and the Suprememe Court. Rick was most unhappy (read down right pissed). Especially since she intimated that we might only get the alimony reduced by about 200/month. It is just all very ugly and nasty. I must admit for once I think my hormones came to the rescue, as, instead of being totally pissed and wild about the outcome, I was very calm and reasonable about the whole thing. You can just never tell what those silly hormones will do from one month to the next.

Enough for now, I must go feed my starving girls - get ready for 5hrs of fun and excitement in the stock room and maybe even run the vacuum.

Have a great weekend, and look soon for my pictures.

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