Friday, January 05, 2007

From Rocky Start to Landslide...

While I know I should remain as positive as possible in the public's eye, today takes the cake. The long running saga of our dealings with Rick's ex have come to a head that we never even imagined. Apparently - unbeknownst to either lawyer - there is a law on the VA books that states if a divorce is settled outside of the state of VA then there can be no changes or amendments to that divorce decree in the courts of VA. Hence, we now have to go to AZ where the divorce was settled all those years ago. Don't you think it would have been helpful to know this before the last court appearance that ruled against us. As in, it never should have been in the court in the first place, and we could have already had a settlement done and over with by this time. At least then we could already be digging ourselves out of the ever deepening hole that we seem to be in habiting.

With all of this, I am still without voice, and doing enough coughing that I slept on the couch downstairs last night so that poor Rick could get some much needed sleep in preparation for this, this, "fiasco" today. I feel like Ka-Ka, and cannot seem to kick this nasty cold thing.

I have talked with my friends and the ones in AZ are out scouting lawyers for us, the one in PA was just there for me, and supporting me as best she could while I squeaked into the phone.

I must keep on going. Today is catch up on laundry (not sure exactly when I last did it, but there is ALOT), and vacuum up the dust bunnies and their bigger counterparts the dust jackalopes that have come to inhabit my home over the last 2wks. This business about not being well enough to clean and do the basics is definitely troubling me.

Then there is some much needed knitting time. More work on Mom's socks (which I have now caught up to where I was when I had to rip it all out), and maybe even some work on my shawl.

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