Thursday, January 11, 2007

So Now it is Official

I now sound about 97% like me. Although the cough is still pretty impressive, for the most part I am feeling more like me as well.

Today was suppose to be the start of a lovely few days off spent with my best friend from high school. She was to arrive later this evening (after my Einstein Coat Class #1) and we were going to spend some girl time, and friend time and just enjoy ourselves over the next 5 days. With the word "suppose" being key here, alas, her poor Mom (who is battling Dimentia and Alzheimers and who still lives at home with her Dad) has taken to falling lately, and this last time has broken something in her lower leg. Therefore my dear friend needs to stay with family at this time. Her poor Father is getting no rest, and not much sleep as well. While I would do the same thing if I were in her shoes, I must say I am a bit bummed.

This means that I am available to work and extra shift on Sunday night, as well as go to a Breakfast and Yarn Meetup group tomorrow morning. I have been wanting to go to a knitting group for a long time now. Just a chance to get out and meet new people and do some knitting.

So today I will do some much needed cleaning and a bit of organizing/weeding things out to give/throw away. I will also take the time to knit on my lace shawl (which has been terribly ignored lately) and then tonight go to class.

I am off to write an email to a friend and then on to my plans.

Have a great day!!!

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