Monday, January 08, 2007

Moving Forward

Here it is Monday... I can honestly say I have regained, each day, a bit more of my voice. I am sure it would have come back sooner if I had taken some time off of work, but since current circumstances don't really allow for that.... I shall take what I can get.

Rick was quite the dear this weekend, and very busy as well, put more dirt in my flower garden, and then fenced it in, so the girls would stop digging it out. He made the most scrumptious Turkey soup with the turkey legs and such left from our Mesquite smoked Christmas turkey. It is just heavenly - especially when you have a terrible throat and cough and such.

We are currently in a holding pattern about the whole legal issue until we can contact and retain a divorce lawyer in AZ. Which translates into - yes, we will continue to pay her big buck, while we slide deeper into debt each month. Really sucks the big one, but life will go on.

I have decided I must always remember that no matter how poor we are we will always have the one thing that she cannot buy or obtain... we have an incredible Love for each other that refuses to waver. We have each other and no matter what we can build a life together and be happy. (although we may end up poor as church mice, we can figure out how to be happy). We also have friends, and those friends are not our friends because of $$. Luckily we have people who support us and are there for us because we are there for them as well.

We will prevail to the best possible outcome in this situation.

Well, with all of that out and about, I guess I really should get some laundry done and work on my portion of the household finances before it is time for me to go to work.

Take Care All and Keep us in your thoughts

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